Inspired By Magic
Lithuanian forests and especially those of the Kernave`s region have always been a source of legends and mysteries, fantasies and magic. River Sound Solstice collects this ancient tradition to celebrate the connection with nature to the rhythm of the music of a great cast of artists. Surrounded by magic and legends in the Jonines weekend, we give you 2 days of complete celebration. The best music, workshops, food trucks, art installations, river, forest and magic, above all a lot of magic.
River sound solstice map

– On Friday, arrive early to avoid traffic in Kernave.
– Have the ticket QR code on your phone.
– Entering the festival with your own alcoholic and soft drinks (except water) is prohibited. No glass containers!
– Visitors with their own water containers will not be allowed into the food, music and workshop spaces.
– Festival volunteers will advise where to park the car and tent.
– Animals are allowed, but please supervise them and walk them on a leash.
– Protect nature, don’t litter – you can pick up ashtrays at the info point, and there will be enough trash cans throughout the festival area.
– Drink and food tokens will be available at the festival info point.
– Take mosquito repellent, warm clothes for the night.
– Campfires are only allowed in the designated campfire areas in the festival area.
– Drink water, take care of your friends and those around you.
– All other necessary information about the festival will be available at the info point.

How to Get to River Sound Solstice

Vilnius Airport – Vilnius Bus station 

Bus nr. 1, 88 or 3G, also taxi (4-7 € ) 

If you prefer taxi better download Bolt app, and order taxi, it will be cheaper.

Also you can get train from the airport to the bus station

Vilnius Bus station – Kernave, (times of the bus could change)3-5eur bus ticket.

By taxi from bus station or any other place in Vilnius to festival 30-50eur.

Also it is a good option to rent a car, it is a good option and cheap.